Top 8 Bedside Crib Co Sleeper in 2020 Reviews

You just brought your newborn home and now its bedtime. The cot you spent months researching seems too far away in another room. The bassinet in the corner of your bedroom seems far away because your baby is so new you want to keep next to you. Thanks to the bedside crib co sleeper, you can safely have your bundle of joy close enough to you.

Co-sleeping is rewarding and nurturing for both parents and babies. Besides the stronger attachment it makes the night feedings easier. Gives fonder memories and warmth. Co-sleeping cribs are perfect for you who want to make an emotional relationship with their babies. The walls prevent you from rolling over your baby and prevent your baby rolling out. Here I have compiled the top 8 co sleeping cribs so you can take care of your baby as all the research is done for you to bring you the best options.

Quick List

Preview Title Price
CubbyCove Baby Nest
LulyBoo Baby Lounge to Go
Mika Micky Bedside Sleeper Easy Folding
Umiwe Baby Nest
Poddle Pod
DockATot Deluxe+ Dock
Chicco Next2me Crib
BABYMOOV Cosydream

Bedside crib co sleeper reviews

#1 CubbyCove Baby Nest co sleeping crib

CubbyCove Baby Nest co sleeping crib

The CubbyCove baby nest is an all-round lounge with multiple versatile options. You can use it for co-sleeping as it has bumpers all around the edges. Thereby keep your baby within the lounger. It has impressive, highly breathable fabric netting that prevents suffocation.

The CubbyCove can be used for daytime napping, tummy time, massaging, diaper changes, or even simply lounging and playing. It has handles for easy portability and even comes with a travel bag. It’s also larger than your average bassinet. Therefore, it can be used by a newborn up to an 18-month-old toddler and subsequently provides long term use. It has a removable cover that can be machine-washed. Together with a detachable canopy to shade your baby from direct sunlight.  To conclude, it may be on the large side, but this product is a high-quality co-sleeper for long-term use.

#2 LulyBoo Baby Lounge to Go

LulyBoo Baby Lounge to Go

LulyBoo Baby Lounge To Go looks is a fantastic product for getting out and about with your baby. Due to it folding right up so you can take it with you and provide a familiar and safe environment for your baby.  It’s a soft baby bed with a deep comfy mattress, soft flexible sides. It even comes with a shade and toy bar. It’s suitable for babies from birth up to 15lbs similar to when you can use a moses basket.

I think this would be so handy in those first few months when you are visiting friends and family with your newborn or even with getting out and about. Additionally, it can be used for co sleeping. A very versatile product providing number of uses: playtime, naptime, outing time and changing time, I highly recommend this product.

#3 Mika Micky Bedside Sleeper Easy Folding

Mika Micky Bedside Sleeper Easy Folding

This Mika Micky Bedside Sleeper you get the closeness of co-sleeping with baby in their own separate crib. It’s suitable from birth up to 9kg. Comes with soft quilted sides for comfort, a 5 position height adjustment, comes with 2 fitted sheets and a storage bag for easy transportation.

The Babylo Cozi bedside crib co sleeper features a padded mattress. The drop-side can be folded down for safe co-sleeping with your baby or raised for more sleeping options away from the bedside. The ventilated fabric ensures proper air flow to your little one. The Cozi sleeper also comes with 2 sets of fitted cotton sheets preparing your little one ready for bed in no time. After approximately 3-4 months you can use the crib as standalone crib.

To use as a co sleeping crib ensure that the height of your mattress is more than that of the side support of the crib. The maximum height of the Cozi Sleeper is 82cm i.e. top rail. The maximum height of the mattress is 50 cm.

#4 Umiwe Baby Nest Pod Baby Bassinet Portable Travel Crib

Umiwe Baby Nest Pod is 100% Organic Cotton Baby Bassinet and portable. It is manufactured by using 100% high-quality and best of the organic cotton fabric. Subsequently  is breathable and non-toxic hypoallergenic. This crib can solve the sleeping problems of your baby, its zipper part has been designed so that easy cleaning job can be done. It carries a portable design, this crib is easy to carry.

#5 Poddle Pod

Poddle Pod

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The Poddle Pod has a clever hammock in the centre which isn’t filled. This allows for air permeability and gives the baby the feeling of being cradled.  The Pod supports a natural position which helps to soothe reflux and colic.   The Poddle Pod designed in a way to meet a new-born’s need to feel secure and a mother’s instinct to know her baby is safe and comfortable. The sides of the pod gently pull in to snuggle your baby. This  makes he/she feel  being held or touched. Thereby providing comfort to the baby and ultimately more secure when parents lay them down.

The Poddle Pod provides parents with a portable spot for baby. The pod can easily be moved around the house or taken with. When visiting friends or family providing a familiarity to the baby. Additionally, the Poddle Pod can be used for napping , tummy time, lounging, Co sleeping.

The Poddle Pod provides a comforting and snug hug that helps to stay content and ultimately reduce the startle reflex and creates a cosy space. Minimising the reflexive movement that usually wakes newborns allowing babies to get the rest they need during this very critical developmental period.

The Poddle Pod is also designed and made in the UK, made from 100% cotton and is good bedside crib co sleeper.

#6 DockATot Deluxe+ Dock

Sleepyhead Deluxe Pod

This product is a gold award-winning sleeping pod and was the original pod design. It can be used from newborn to 8 months, for daytime sleeping and for tummy time. From crib insert to travel cot, to play pod to changing area, to co sleeping, the Deluxe Baby Pod can be used in every aspect of parenting. It’s effective and versatile in all uses, and especially helpful when getting your little one to sleep. Handles are located on both the top and side of the Deluxe Baby Pod which makes moving your little one easy.

The Sleepyhead Deluxe is fabric covered marketed as a “deluxe portable baby bed”. The flattish bottom section with a firm bumper around the edge cocoons the baby. It is completely breathable, the filling has anti-fungal and anti-bacterial properties. 100% cotton cover and machine washable.

#7 Chicco Next2me Side Sleeper

Chicco Next2me Side Sleeper

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Chicco Next2Me Magic bedside crib co sleeper with its luxury design that offers maximum comfort for both parents and baby throughout the early months and beyond. The sliding side panel makes it easier for you to reach your little one during the night.

The Chicco Next2Me Magic also includes a rocking mechanism.  Operated easily in free standing mode by the touch of a button at the top of the crib. The crib features 11 height adjustable levels with versatile legs that adapt to any bed.

This Crib has a tilt feature to help support your baby with reflux and congestion. Not only this but extra ventilation is provided through the 3D mesh mattress cover and two mesh side windows.

#8 BABYMOOV Cosydream

Whilst this is not a co sleeper Cosydream is a well-known sleeping aid best used straight from birth and designed to transition baby to sleep comfortably and safely from the womb to cot. A sleep positioner suitable for use from birth to 6 months old. It is designed to ensure your baby’s comfort and safety, for use inside a crib or cot.

Cosydream’s ultra-soft, breathable aid provides a reassuring nest for your baby. Cosydream’s built-in head pillow offers a subtle yet unique cushioning to baby’s skull to combat flat head syndrome and also it encourages the development of a desired rounded shape. The leg support roll is detachable and adjustable as baby grows, which fractionally raises baby’s legs in a comfortable position, close to a more familiar fetal position. The elevation of the legs helps to prevent reflux while creating the ideal back position and discourages any strain on the stomach muscles that might occur if baby’s legs were completely flat.