Top 5 Best Baby Walker in 2023 Reviews

Your little baby’s pitter-patter on your home’s floor can be one of the most amazing feelings in the entire world for some. Babies can be a joy to have around, recording their firsts is one of the best experiences a parent could ever have, they are eager to see their little one take their first steps, but, alas, it’s not possible for you to constantly be available to provide them support, this is where walkers come in, the whole walker system was designed to support your baby in their walking journey without overtly straining the parents’ energy and time.

Baby walkers also prevent your baby from tripping and toppling over because of the secure and stable designs most of them come in. Walkers keep your baby standing but allow a position to sit if or when they get tired. They can also explore the world around them from a slightly higher perspective.

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Best Baby Walker reviews

#1 Joovy Spoon Walker


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This walker is by the brand “Joovy”. It will cost yo a reasonable price for a baby walker. The exterior is all white except for the seat which is blue, giving it the name, Blueberry.

The tray on top of the walker is quite large in size to have more room for the baby and so that the baby’s fingers don’t accidentally get stuck in the between the thin rods. The large tray can also easily hold your baby’s favorite toys and things. It also makes for a good eating space because of the prevention of spillage.

The blue seat pad is cushiony and comfortable making it perfect for the baby’s sensitive bottom, it is sturdy and supportive at the same time. It is also removable which makes it, even more, baby-friendly because it makes it easy for the mother to wash if the baby tends to make a mess. The entire framework is made of sturdy plastic which is easy to clean.

It can hold a child that weighs up to thirty pounds with quite ease and relaxation, it doesn’t matter how chubby you think your baby is, the walker will not teeter, which is quite possibly the best thing about this walker.

When not in use, the walker is folded vertically downwards into a flatter exterior making it perfect for storage. It also has three size adjustments where you can adapt the seat according to how big your child is, for this specific feature, the walker can also last you for a longer time because the baby growing too big is not an issue.

A few cons that this walker has is that some customers have come to realise that the highest setting cannot contain a normal-sized baby which technically goes back on the three adjustment feature.

#2 Cosco Simple Steps Walker


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This walker is by the brand “Cosco”. It costs very less and is a very reasonable price for a baby walker. The seat pad can be machine washed and dried in a mechanical drier. There are two height adjustments that make it an investment that will last you quite long. Although, like most walkers, this too can hold up not more than 30 pounds of weight. The product itself weighs 8 pounds making it easy to carry around. 

The walker’s exterior is made of plastic and can be easily wiped off if it gets dirty. It does not come assembled but the assembly is simple and does not require tools. The dishwasher tray can also be effortlessly laundered because of the easily removable feature, available. It is the perfect product for a busy mother because of how little labor it goes into maintaining it. The vibrant colors of the walker keep your baby mildly entertained and make it look fairly attractive in your house, as well. It doesn’t look too bulky or chunky either, it has a very classic look to it.

The walker helps in developing the child’s motor skills and prevents any mobility hindrance in the baby’s body. It can be adjusted according to the height that the baby needs. There are fixed attachments that allow you to hang extra toys to keep the baby busy when you’re trying to work.

The lightweight can be a disadvantage if your baby is a little bigger because in that case, it will be easy for the walker to topple over, following the weight instructions is ideal in this case. The walker hasn’t gotten any complaints regarding this issue and has remained rather consistent making it a good investment.

This walker is perfect for a baby in the transition phase to practice their walking. It is also quite spacious making it perfect even if the baby wants to take a nap inside it. It comes in two colors according to what you want for your baby.

#3 Delta Children Baby Activity Walker


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This walker is ideal for children who can sit on their own and remain stable, though it is not entirely suitable for babies who haven’t quite developed to that stage yet. It is very comfortable for the child if they comply with that specific age, though.

It doesn’t come assembled, it’s something you have to do, but, because it’s so simple, it doesn’t really seem like much of a task. The instructions to set it up come with the walker saving you from thinking too much. The tray also comprises of entertaining lights and sounds to keep your baby busy. The lights and sounds are battery powered and require two AA batteries. It comes with three separate adjustable positions, making it versatile for different age periods and becomes a long term product, saving you from spending money every time your baby grows a little bit.

The exterior is made to look like a car which is always a nice touch for instruments that involve being used by kids.

One extremely useful aspect of this walker is the rubber brakes. These brakes increase the friction between the wheels and the ground and prevent your baby from slipping and sliding across the floor, which eventually could be harmful to them. This facet makes the walker one of the safest in the market.

It is easily foldable and can be turned flat in a matter of seconds, this makes it very easy for you to travel with the walker and take it from location to location and also greatly assists in compactly storing the walker when it is no longer in use.

One small con that a customer has come up with, is that the wheels don’t have brakes, but it does have stoppers which kind of minimizes the effect of the lack of brakes making the walker and all-rounder and perfect for any household with small babies.

#4 Combi Mobile Entertainer


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This walker advertises itself as a mobile entertainer, mainly because of the physical appearance of it, like the one before, this too has the exterior of a toy car making it very vibrant and attractive especially for little children. The base is thick and sturdy, making it very stable and permitting the child to be as mobile as they want inside the “car”. It is very unlikely that the baby will fall when using this.

There is a tray present at the forefront which is very versatile as it can be used for the baby’s edibles, the wide base of the tray allows the baby to eat without anything spilling on the floor. The tray also comprises of lights and music which manage to keep the baby entertained when the parents are working. There are also tangible toys present on the tray which the baby can use to develop his or her skills. The enhanced safety feature allows the child to get distracted without it being any sort of a safety hazard. The tray is practically perfect for a baby that old.

The walker comes in a variety of colors allowing you multiple options to make the choice with the one, you find most attractive, and it is made entirely of plastic which is a baby-safe material.

There is a three-position height feature which makes for a buy that will last you for an extensive period of time. Speaking of buy, this walker will cost you 90 US Dollars, which I admit is a little on the expensive side, but the amazing quality and versatile features that somehow manage to keep your baby safe make the walker worth the money you will spend on it.

The amount of padding on the seat makes it very comforting for the baby, especially because of the amount of time they will be spending on it.

It has received 4.4 out of 5 stars making it a very popular item amongst the amazon customers.

It weighs about 17 pounds which makes it slightly heavier than the regular walker, but the heavyweight thoroughly ensures that the walker will not flip over.

The only con about this walker is that it is pricey for the common man.

#5 Vtech Sit-To-Stand Learning Walker


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The brand “Vtech” is quite popular around the globe, making this product trustworthy and safe. This walker is for children who are at the stage, that, they have the hang of walking around, making the walker more targeted to developing motor skills with the buttons and switches present at the front. This walker is designed to start your child’s education at a much early stage and get your kid’s brain running and working. It helps enhance creativity in your child for the future. When it comes to entertainment, the walker comes with an array of buttons to press along with about 70 songs that are available in the system. There are also five piano keys to help encourage any musical tendencies that your child might have. The buttons are soft to the touch and easy to press making them suitable for children. The walker requires two AA batteries (that aren’t included) and it is good to go.

This walker is perfect for any sort of flooring because of the very flexible wheels that it comes with, they work fine on hardwood floors and carpeted floors making them very convenient for all types of houses.

It is on the more medium price range, which makes it quite affordable for the majority of parents. It weighs about 6 pounds making it the lightest walker in this list.

It is advertised for children between nine months and three years.

The best thing about the walker is that the entertainment panel is removable, so, if you want to take the walker with you to another location, you can remove the panel and make it even lighter but still managing to fulfill the official purpose. 

The walker has next to no cons except that it isn’t ideal for children who are just beginning to walk.


Finding the perfect walker for your infant can sometimes be difficult because of how protective you are of your little one. In order to enable their walking abilities and keep them safe at the same time, you should find the right walker with the right features that perfectly apply to your baby’s current abilities. Once you know what you want, it shouldn’t be difficult to find the right one. Good luck.