Lollipop Baby Monitor Review

The Lollipop Baby Camera is a modern-day high-tech baby monitor, that is unlike anything that is accessible in the market. This device will make the lives of any new parents easier with this smart solution. All the innovation features in the lovely cute camera, you can relinquish your worries when you are not with them.

Above all, you can see your baby from anywhere! You do not need to be in the proximity of the camera or connected to the same WiFi to see your baby.  All these amazing app features are free with no subscription fee. You even get some cloud storage to save those special moments.

The Lollipop baby camera is a decent Wi-Fi smart video monitor with night-time vision and high quality 720p. With automatic saving of events you can return and assess what happened. Additionally, you may purchase the Lollipop Sensor, which will monitor humidity, temperature, and air quality information in your infant’s room.

Over the use, the app even learns your baby’s behaviour and notifies you when something different happens. You can even share cherishable moments of something that your baby did like wave their hands directly through the app.

The best part is that it has a unique design that makes it a beautiful accessory for any nursery. There are multiple ways of securing the camera. The camera like the name suggests resembles a lollipop with a camera attached to a long flexible wand. The flexible wand can be bent, twisted to secure on to any furniture. We tried it secured on the cot and mounted to the wall. We found that it works great in either case.


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What’s in the box:

Lollipop Camera unboxing

  • Lollipop Camera
  • Power Adaptors
  • 3 Meter Cable
  • Wall Mount
  • Crib Bond
  • Cable Holder
  • Set up Guide

Key features

The Lollipop baby camera is equipped with several useful features outlined below.

Audio and Video

The Lollipop Baby Camera has a superior video quality streamed at 720p with 30 frames per second directly onto the smartphone app. The camera is a Sony 720p Camera which is better than any other video monitors. With infrared vision you can see your baby regardless of the lighting of the room. Ultimately the resolution of your smartphone screen will be the deciding factor for how it looks on your screen.

There is the lowest one second latency in video transmission when the smart phone and camera connected to the same network. With the option to select an Audio Only mode, you can turn off your screen and have the audio feed. You can hear if the baby cries and can easily turn the video stream back on to check.

Whilst it lacks the option to tilt/pan the camera on the Lollipop, you can always zoom in on the mobile app digitally and therefore you won’t miss it. With the flexible stand you can angle the camera properly so that the cot is covered entirely. Once set up correctly you won’t require any adjustments. You can record video or take snapshots of the video stream through the app.


Equipped with a Sony IMX 225 camera with CMOS sensor and 1/3’ aperture and focal length of 1.8, and 128 degrees diagonal field of view the video is of exceptional quality. This surpasses any other non Wi-Fi baby monitor camera.

Night Vision

The camera works regardless of the lighting in room thanks to its infrared night vision. The camera automatically switches to the infrared mode according to the lightening in the room. It has eight IR LEDs at 940nm for short distance monitoring and eight IR LEDs at 850nm for long distance monitoring. Subsequently the complete view is thoroughly visible.

Secure Transmission

The video is transmitted to the app on your smartphone via the WI-FI network. You can choose to stream video signal locally which is more secure or through the internet.  This way you can see the video stream when you are not at home.  You can check up on your baby from anywhere in the world. To keep the stream secure, you can selectively choose to stream locally and only selecting other option when you’re going out. You can simply select the privacy mode on the app so that when your connected to your local wi-fi the camera’s data isn’t uploaded to cloud.

Be aware that some of the advanced features will not function of your using it locally. Thanks to Lollipop making use of the Amazon’s cloud services to record your baby’s video and keep track of noticeable events such as your baby crying you do not need to worry about storage or paying for cloud services.

Whilst you may be skeptical about using a Wi-Fi based baby monitor, I can assure you it is 100% secure. Our home wi-fi has a string of numbers and digits as password so it is difficult to hack. It is up to you to send invites to other people to view your baby.

As the main authorised user, you can:

  • stop viewing privileges
  • talk to the baby through your phone

App Features

The app itself is well developed with useful features. Unique to the Lollipop Camera is the cry detection system. It detects the sound of the baby’s “cry” and distinguishes successfully from other noises in the room. Therefore, you will get notified when your baby is crying even when your phone is on silent or you are not actively accessing the app.

Crying Detection

Further the app saves a 30 sec clip of important events such as baby crying and maintains a list of these events. You can choose to share the stream with your friends/family or send a pre saved view of the baby. Additionally, with cross detection feature you can set a border inside the view of the camera and if there is any movement outside of it, you will be notified.


The camera unit is powered by AC Mains Power. The video monitoring is solely done on the app so there it saves you charging/maintaining another device.

Additional Features

It has a two-way talk function easily accessible by pressing the microphone button in the Lollipop app. The sound goes to the camera that is selected; you can choose the camera where the sound is played.

The Lollipop mobile app has preloaded lullabies, soothing music, white noise and even sound of the womb! You can select the music on the app which is directly played on the camera speaker.

Lollipop Lullabies

The Lollipop Baby Camera can be connected to unlimited cameras around the house. You can basically cover your whole house and monitor your child when they are more active and mobile. You can see the multiple camera streams in parallel on the mobile app. Further you can switch between the cameras by swiping left or right.

You will find another useful feature being the “do not disturb” between a set time frame. This is particularly useful for instance when there are other children in the house playing during the day and the environment gets loud.


The design is appealing and will beautifully match any nursery décor. Further the baby monitor is extremely portable. You can easily take it anywhere with you and only takes few minutes to set up as the camera is already paired to the app. Simply fix the camera and then connect to the camera with the local wi-fi.

To attach to the cot it comes with a handy cot clip that helps to keep the camera in place and secure when mounted to your baby’s cot. For a flat surface you can bend the Lollipop tail into a curved shape in order for it stand on its own. It comes with 3 cable holders to keep the wires tidy and hidden which stick to the wall.

Lollipop Camera Set up

First time set up is straightforward. Download the app, plug the camera in, the app will take you through registering and connecting to wifi. Once connection is established the app is easy to navigate.


The Lollipop camera is free from toxins and made from flexible silicone. It has a unique appearance unlike regular CCTV type looking cameras.

Cry Detection

Unique to this camera is the True Cr y Detection system. Meaning that the camera can distinguish between an actual baby’s cry to other noises in the room. That way you are only notified when necessary. You can even adjust the decibel limit to only notify you when your baby is crying “loud” or the other way around.

With a traditional monitor you will find you wake up to any little noise however with this monitor it does the distinguishing and it will not notify you unless the noise level has reached a certain/customisable decibel level. So no more waking up to whimper and movements.

Further all events of baby crying are saved as a 30 second clip, so you can view the event video or data history which represents a graph of whenever they wake up. How useful is that to track sleep/wake patterns.

Lollipop Data Graph


  • Mount in three different ways – to the crib, on the wall, or on a tabletop
  • Extremely portable
  • WiFi-based with easy to use app
  • Has “True Crying Detection” – Recognizes real crying with AI recognizability with 96% accuracy, so no false alarms
  • Includes a unique audio mode on the app to only use for sound
  • Has video mode live and play with or without the sound
  • You can upload music to play through the speakers and play remotely
  • Take 30-second videos of the baby when they reach a certain decibel so you can watch and decide if you want to go in or let the baby work out the problem
  • 720p camera
  • Free video/cloud storage
  • Monitor from multiple devices and monitor multiple Lollipop devices too around the house.
  • No subscription necessary
  • Easy to install – equipped with mounting hardware
  • Control and view multiple monitors at the same time
  • Has an alarm system to help you sleep better
  • Attractive and comes in three colours – green, aqua, and pink. Beautifully fits in any nursery/baby room.
  • Toxic-free silicone
  • Keeps data history stats so you can see how your baby is growing
  • Best night vision picture quality
  • Unlimited shared users so even grandma and auntie can watch your baby sleep
  • Preloaded soothing music in app.
  • Selecting a local Wi-Fi network makes the transmission secure
  • Integrate and use with Amazon Alexa home devices through Lollipop skill available in US only.
  • Optional Lollipop Care subscription available (basic package is free) includes 24/7 continuous video recording, video playback so you never miss out on any precious moment.


  • Some may find the price high but for what you get its worth it.
  • No pan or tilt feature however zoom features available through app.


To summarise, a smart unique looking wi-fi baby camera is the Lollipop. You get a well-developed easy to use app with lots of neat features. Exceptional video quality and option to use as audio monitor and secure over your local wi-fi. This one is an excellent product for parents who like smart tech. You can even use this to keep an eye on your pet when you’re not at home! As a Pet Monitor! Or to keep an eye on your children to ensure they are playing nicely. This camera has multiple uses for any household.


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Most Frequently Asked Questions: Lollipop Baby Camera

Question: How does the Lollipop Baby Camera work when watching baby from inside?
Answer: When Lollipop and smartphone are under the same Wi-Fi, audio and video streaming are going through WIFI-AP

  • No upstream data @ Live Feed
  • Low latency: 1s in good WIFI signal quality.
  • Fast click to see live feed: 3s in good WIFI signal quality
  • Data chart to see when your baby is crying and when environment is noisy
  • Watch time Unlimited Live Feed as traditional baby monitor

Question: How does the Lollipop Baby Camera work when watching baby from outside the home?
Answer:  When Lollipop and smart phone are NOT connected to the local wi-fi/same wifi, audio and video stream through AWS cloud.

  • Log-in to unlimited devices to watch live feed and all available function
  • Unlimited shared users to watch live feed
  • Push to talk feature is available outdoor
  • No extra cloud service fee.

Question: Does the app always need to be kept open?
Answer: No. You can use audio only mode to turn off your screen. You will still hear your baby and can turn the video back on if required.

Question: Can I talk to my baby?
Answer: Yes by pressing the microphone button in the app on your smartphone to speak through the camera in your baby’s room.

Question: Can I use the Lollipop with multiple cameras?
Answer: Yes. You can connect multiple cameras to the Lollipop app on your smartphone. Live view is only available for two cameras at a time. You can swipe across the screen to see more video feeds if required.

Question: Can I pair the Lollipop Smart Baby Monitor with two smartphones?
Answer: Yes. You can pair the Lollipop with multiple phones or tablet devices, so you and your partner can both watch over your little bundle of joy.

Question: Will the camera notify me if my baby is crying?
Answer: The crying detection feature can distinguish true crying from other noise in the room such as baby moving. The app will alert you once the camera detects crying.