Top 5 Best Travel Backpack in 2020 Reviews

If you’re the kind of person who likes to travel a lot, especially to northern regions with more steep terrain than flat, you should go for a sturdy backpack made out of thick materials. Going on hikes or climbing ventures have the requirement for a lot of equipment, you need a strong casing to store all your necessities in. Now, buying a backpack can often be tricky, with the amount of features that the companies make available to you. Picking the one with the right features is crucial for it to be adaptable for the kind of trip you are going on. The generalised facets in the best travel backpack include waterproof, a smaller size; usually, carry on, there has to be a waist strap to hold your bag in place, for situations involving mountain climbing or hiking of any sort. There are also bags available that are front-loading which is usually an ideal case to find things easily.

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Best Travel Backpack reviews

#1 Osprey Farpoint 55


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The bag is made out of nylon which is commonly seen as a durable fabric. It has a mesh back panel that allows for thorough ventilation refraining your bag from smelling weird.

This bag is technically two travel packs in one making the bag spacious, the detachable part of the bag can be left on or off, according to the kind of trip you’re going on or the space that you need. There are multiple straps on this bag that can be used to make your grip on the back strong and avoid any chance of it falling down. There is also an availability of numerous pockets that you can use to store smaller belongings like a pocket knife or keys, even charging cables. The smaller pack, also known as the daypack can be used to carry around as a handy bag for things that may be of the essence of everyday use. There is a zippered front panel pocket on the outside which makes for extra space.

The bag is quite versatile because of the removable casing element, and the fact that you can tuck all the straps in and use this as a casual backpack for more normal trips that simply require a storage device and sitting on a plan. You can use it for hikes on the hill or a simple office errand in your own city.

This travel pack can hold up to 50 pounds which makes it an excellent storage unit for clothing that is for the winter, like thick sweaters denim jackets and jumpers.

There are a few cons that the bag has which include not being light enough which strains your bag if the trips are long term, especially along with the weight of the items that you may put in the bag, the back panel is more or less flat which doesn’t allow bulkier or thicker items to be stored inside it.

#2 Nomatic 40L Travel Bag


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This bag was the ultimate consequence of a campaign that thrived for the invention of the “perfect” bag for traveling purposes, the amount of thought and money put into it did eventually bear fruit. The bag is quite inventive in its field. The bag can also manage to attach things like laundry bags and toiletry bags which in turn increases the overall room of the bag, especially because the attached bags and the original bag start acting like one.

The bag is said to have been created with traveling nomads kept in mind which makes it quite versatile, with the nylon lining the bag becomes quite water-resistant. There are a number of smaller packets available for water bottles or other things that you want to keep in separate compartments, for a safer and more customized location.

The bag is cleverly designed to fit the maximum size that is allowed on planes but at the same time, it’s sturdy enough to be used for a road trip or a trek on the Himalayas.

There is a laptop pocket that allows a 15-inch long laptop to fit with much ease, just to be safe.

One unique feature that this bag has is that the laptop compartment lays flat which saves you from the hassle of taking your laptop out of your bag at a security checkpoint at the airport, making it quite TSA compliant.

The waist straps of this bag are detachable when not in use giving it a sleek and stylish look for the everyday use.

Some disadvantages that people have pointed out, include the over-engineering of the bag which has caused it to become quite stiff, it is also a bit too much when it comes to the price, especially for people who want it for much casual use.

The bag weighs less than 4 pounds on its own and is a little pricey, but if you focus on the distinct attributes of the bag, it is quite worth it.

doesn’t allow bulkier or thicker items to be stored inside it.

#3 Peak Design Travel Backpack


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The thing that makes this bag absolutely ideal are the small touches added to it, the magnetic pouch, the hidden straps. The bag even has clever storage spaces which makes for a very singular pieced structure, giving the bag its sleek and unmatchable look. Apart from the magnetic pouches, the actual opening of the bag is also magnetic, which makes it seem extremely advanced and nearly perfect.

The material used is nylon but regardless of the sturdiness of the bag, it is still lightweight and easy to carry on trips that require exercise.

The capacity of the bag is nearly 35 liters which makes it airline and airport compliant but at the same time it can be expanded to up to 45 liters, making the bag spacious. It is not hefty like other bags that give you more space at the price of the large amount of weight that nearly breaks your back.

There are two side zipper pockets for instant access to whatever you put in them, like your camera or other devices you might need at a moment’s notice. The main zip is just as easily accessible but a lot safer for keeping objects like your laptops and tablets.

The bag is advised to be used with packing tools like camera cubes, vacuum cubes, to use it to its full potential.

The bag, however, does cost a little more than the normal travel bag, it costs around 300 US Dollars and is recommended for people who are passionate about traveling, they won’t mind spending money on a bag like this. Even with people who are more casual travelers, one pro can be that this bag will be a one-time investment, you won’t have to spend money on another bag for a good amount of years, the feature and perks that come with this bag make the quite worth it.

#4 MATEIN Travel Backpack 40L Flight Approved


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It is a lightweight bag that is very high quality, the target audience for this bag is people who travel a lot but the traveling is mostly trips that are regarding business or casual visiting of family and friends, but the versatility of this bag makes it very useful for spur of the moment travelers, who don’t take trips very often but do, do it suddenly and out of the blue. The bag can hold up to 35 liters of baggage, which is quite sufficient for people who are periodic travelers.

You have the option to front pack your items with this bag which keeps your luggage a lot more tidy and organized, helps you find your things a lot more easily.

The design of the bag is a lot more lowkey than other cases, making it seem less touristy, and helps you blend right in. It also manages to look a lot more stylish on your back than a bulky bag with an abundance of straps and zippers, this does reduce the amount of storage you have on easy reach.

There is a padded electronic section which can hold a device of up to 15 inches, it helps you move through airport security a lot more quickly. If you’re an avid reader you can keep your reading tablet in the front for easy reach. The zippers are lockable as well which revokes any chances of your electronics being stolen without you even finding out.

The price of this bag is quite affordable, especially because of the amazing quality you are getting. Again, if you’re a casual traveler this bag could be suitable for you to buy.

One small detail which can be seen as a negative in this bag is that the zippers may claim to be weather resistant but they are not rubber covered, which definitely makes them prone to erosion of some sorts.

The bag itself weighs less than 3 pounds, which is quite lightweight for a travel bag.

#5 Osprey Porter 46


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This bag is made of nylon and it comes with the same compression of a straight jacket that is usually used for mental patients.

The rear panel and every other zipper of the bag is lockable and protected, you can use the pockets to keep your valuables without fear of getting mugged. The front pocket is also padded to keep electronics or any other breakable articles safe., it is also carefully placed to make any items present in that segment easily accessible to the user. There is webbing on either side of the front panel for protection.

“Osprey” the brand offers a lifetime warranty of replacing and repairing making the customers feel very safe and sure in buying this bag,

The bag weighs about 3.4 pounds and is the most affordable bag on this list.

The bag comes with padded walls that make it sturdy and gives the bag the ability to stay upright when set down. Its harness is also thinner which makes it perfect for carrying around for relatively longer periods of time.

It’s very versatile, because yes, it can definitely used for more nonchalant traveling, but at the same time there are a lot of people that use the bag for running errands, taking to their offices, basically, using them around the city rather than any specific travelling purposes, which makes it okay for you to spend that much money on a bag, if you will probably be using it almost every day.

A few cons of this bag include, being a lot bulkier and chunky which makes it inappropriate for use on treks or climbing trips because eventually, it will start straining your back and make you lethargic. The bulkiness also doesn’t allow for it to be stored in smaller spaces making it very inconvenient for some situations. The harness is also not as thick and sturdy as harnesses usually should be, making it slightly lower quality and best for the aforementioned uses in the city rather than going backpacking across Europe.


Traveling is an excellent way to spend your time, if you have the money and the equipment, traveling can be one of the most rewarding hobbies. Finding out about different cultures, studying different places, it’s all very beautiful to think about. When you have the right gear accompanying you, there is nothing in the world that should be able to hinder you. Finding the accurate gear according to the kind of traveling you will be doing is quite important and this article will assist you in doing exactly that. Find the right paraphernalia and you can travel to any city in the world with ease and take in the full experience without worrying.