Top 10 Best Inflatable Hot Tub in 2020 Reviews

Even if we haven’t come across a hot tub in real life, we have all seen how people of all ages use a hot tub to unwind and relax. Especially on cold winter nights, a hot tub is one of the most amazing places one can be in the cold.

If you have been dreaming about getting a hot tub, you are not alone. Anyone who has been introduced to this invention, has been crazy about trying it at least once.

A hot bath will not only relieve you of your body aches, but is sure to leave you wanting to come back each night. After a hard day at work, you can slip into your hot tub and get rid of all that stress build up. Or you can enjoy this with your friends on a weekend or be wild and throw a hot tub party on a weekday.

Dreams aside, before you go off to enjoy this luxury, you will have to find one that not only suits your style, but also your budget. For that, you would have to do a lot of research because it’s not like you can keep on changing your Jacuzzi. It is an investment that must go for a long time.

However, we have made the search easier for you. This article gives you top 10 inflatable hot tubs with detailed features, advantages and disadvantages to make your decision easier. You can choose the one that compliments your needs and then enjoy it.

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[amazon fields=”B00HHO0IEU” value=”thumb”]Intex 77in PureSpa Portable Bubble Massage Spa set[amazon fields=”B00HHO0IEU” value=”button”]
[amazon fields=”B012YMY3ZE” value=”thumb”]SaluSpa Palm Springs Air-jet[amazon fields=”B012YMY3ZE” value=”button”]
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Coleman SaluSpa portable inflatable outdoor spa

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[amazon fields=”B00HRT863U” value=”thumb”]SaluSpa Miami AirJet inflatable Hot Tub[amazon fields=”B00HRT863U” value=”button”]
[amazon fields=”B012YMY3ZE” value=”thumb”]SaluSpa Siena AirJet Inflatable Hot Tub[amazon fields=”B012YMY3ZE” value=”button”]
[amazon fields=”B00R3U5ABY” value=”thumb”]GoPlus 4 person portable inflatable Hot Tub[amazon fields=”B00R3U5ABY” value=”button”]
[amazon fields=”” value=”thumb”]Lifesmart rock solid simplicity plug and play, 4 person hot tub spa[amazon fields=”” value=”button”]
[amazon fields=”B01AWXC70U” value=”thumb”]Intex 6 person ultimate package[amazon fields=”B01AWXC70U” value=”button”]
[amazon fields=”B07TLKHH74″ value=”thumb”]MSPA lite Alpine relaxation hydrotherapy hot spa[amazon fields=”B07TLKHH74″ value=”button”]
[amazon fields=”B00HRT863U” value=”thumb”]Bestway Hawaii Air jet inflatable Outdoor spa[amazon fields=”B00HRT863U” value=”button”]

Best Inflatable Hot Tub Reviews

#1 Intex 77in PureSpa Portable Bubble Massage Spa set

Intex 77in PureSpa Portable Bubble Massage Spa set

[amazon fields=”B00HHO0IEU” value=”button”]

If you are one of those people who are super conscious about your skin, this hot tub not only makes you stress free, it also has a built-in water treatment system. This makes the water soft and gentle on the skin and you will get the best bubble bath with a soothing experience.

The Intex 77in hot tub has an added safety feature. It has a cover that locks ensuring that the water stays hot as well as safe. This hot tubs provides you with the ability to retain heat for longer periods of time. This will give you the temperature you asked for because of its ability to stabilize the temperature even if you use the bubble function or leave the water covered.

This PureSpa hot tub has a set of LEDs fitted inside that can help you set the mood for a perfect evening that you can enjoy with your friends or even alone. It has easy to use controls that are within your reach. You can change the settings any time you prefer.

If you want to use the maximum temperature, this hot tub will only use a day to reach that temperature. This is best when you want a hot bath in the winters. But the manufacturers don’t recommend this feature to be used when the hot tub is outdoors in the winters.

Intex also gives you a cost-effective design by consuming less electricity.

This design can fit up to 4 people. You can have an enjoyable evening party with your close friends. Or you can have a huge one and place it in your backyard for people to enjoy and admire its functionality.

In terms of quality, PureSpa is made up of one of the best materials. The high strength polyester fibers are not only durable but assure protection too. You can leave it out and it will not deflate.

To check the quality of your water, this hot tub comes equipped with a few test strips. The filters cartilages are replaceable and not costly. You can save your money on replacement.

Intex PureSpa hot tub is easy to set up and install. It has a water drainage system that is fast and effective. This can help you move your hot tub from one place to another quickly. You can also tuck it away in the summers if you are not planning on using it.


  • Intex PureSpa is easy to set up and install.
  • This is a space saving system
  • It has built-in water treatment system to keep your skin safe.
  • This hot tub offers you amazing services that are worth the money you spend on it.


  • The settings panel takes some time getting used to.
  • The water jet can do better by increasing its power.

#2 SaluSpa Palm Springs Air-jet

SaluSpa Palm Springs Air-jet

[amazon fields=”B07F2RGJNJ” value=”button”]

If you want a hot tub that is the most technically advanced one, you should look into SaluSpa hot tubs. They equip their products with the latest technology and provide some of the premium features too.

If you are an extrovert with a lot of people who come around to meet you, this hot tub offers space up to six people. The tub also has more diameter and height; hence, can hold more water. This design is a durable one and will not break because of more water load.

The settings panel is an interactive one and gives you numerous features. Amongst them is the control for water temperature. The water jets that are strategically placed so they can give you the most relaxing time.


  • This is an easy to install and maintain system. It has its own replaceable filter cartilage and comes with an insulated cover that retains the temperature of the water.
  • Saluspa tubs come with a DVD guide to help you set up as well as the manual guide. It includes information regarding the maintenance and chemical balance of the water.
  • It has an easy to manage control panel.
  • It holds more water because of the increase height and diameter of the tub.
  • It has an aesthetically pleasing design.


  • The pump can be noisy at times and become a little annoying for users.
  • This is slightly expensive when compared to other inflatable hot tubs.

#3 Coleman SaluSpa portable inflatable outdoor spa

Coleman SaluSpa portable inflatable outdoor spa

[amazon fields=”B00NB3P98G” value=”button”]

Coleman has a wide range of inflatable spas. This design can seat up to four people. Although this hot tub is much smaller than its competitors, this gives it the advantage to save space. You can fit it in a cozy place too.

The floor of Saluspa portable tub is padded which gives you comfort beyond your imagination. This has 60 air jets that can give you the most relaxing spa experience.

Coleman SaluSpa hot tub system comes with an interactive panel that oversees most of the operations. You can give it commands and it will abide by them. This system can heat up to 104 F in less than a day. But the downside of this is that it uses a timer system which you will have to continuously set.

This portable design is lightweight and easy to move because of the handles that this comes with.


  • This does not require any set of tools to set up and is fairly easy to install.
  • This system does not produce any noise when it is operating.
  • This is light in weight and mobile.
  • This system heats up the water quickly and can retain this heat for longer periods.


  • This system is not recommended to be used below 40 Fahrenheit of temperature.
  • The electrical design of this system consumes more electricity and is not ideal for people who are looking for cost effective equipment.

#4 SaluSpa Miami AirJet inflatable Hot Tub

SaluSpa Miami AirJet inflatable Hot Tub

[amazon fields=”B00HRT863U” value=”button”]

If you are on a budget and looking for a quality hot tub, you should consider looking into this one. SaluSpa provides you from casual to over-all functionalities.

Miami airjet tub inflates fast within an hour and can hold up to 117 gallons of water. It is easy to set up no matter whether you are indoors or outdoors. The material it is made up of is polyester mesh which is thick and durable. It is layered with PVC and doesn’t wrinkle easily.

The walls of the tub are an I-bean structure. You can sit on the sides without worrying it will puncture or tear.


  • Easy installation and maintenance. It comes with a DVD which has all the instructions needed to set up this hot tub.
  • It produces bubbles on the sides and gives a semi-therapeutic water massage.
  • This is a very affordable piece which gives a product worth its price.
  • The control panel is within reach and can be controlled easily.
  • There is a filtration and chemical system equipped with this hot tub which will give you clean and safe water.
  • The heating system raises the temperature of the water quickly. This also comes with a cover to retain this temperature of the water.
  • This system doesn’t consume a lot of electricity.


  • This tub does not have air jets which give a relaxing massage.
  • The cover wears away when exposed to sun.
  • Does not give you much room for your legs.

#5 SaluSpa Siena AirJet Inflatable Hot Tub

SaluSpa Siena AirJet Inflatable Hot Tub

[amazon fields=”B07F2RGJNJ” value=”button”]

If you are into more luxurious experience, this is the hot tub for you. It is one of the most expensive hot tubs on this list. But because of the features it provides, it is certainly not a rip off.

The tub has a unique boat-like design and only seats two people. It excels in luxury and comfort. Who wouldn’t want to spend a quality time with their partner in this amazing hot tub?

This is quite roomy and keeps your body submerged in water. It also comes with amazing air jets that unwinds the stress in your muscles. This provides you with the most enjoyable experience.

The walls are thick and durable. It has a cushioned floor that makes it comfortable to sit on. The heater doesn’t produce any noise and sets the water to your preferred temperature quickly. This should definitely be bought by couples who want to enjoy together.


  • It gives an incredible bubble massage with an enjoyable experience.
  • The leg room is spacious.
  • The heater is efficient and noiseless.


  • Fits up to two people
  • Expensive
  • This hot tub consumes a lot of electricity

#6 GoPlus 4 person portable inflatable Hot Tub

GoPlus 4 person portable inflatable Hot Tub

[amazon fields=”B00N8P5A36″ value=”button”]

If you want a product that has an amazing quality and can fit at least 4 people, you should consider getting this hot tub.

The material this hot tub is made up of is durable and smooth. The quality is good and can withstand the outdoors. This comes with 130 bubble jets that gives you a relaxing and soothing experience.


  • It has an easy maintenance system because the filter cartilage can be replaced without a hassle giving a clean design.
  • This is a portable design which can be moved from one place to another with ease.
  • This has a water treatment system which softens the water, so you can have a soft water hot bath.
  • The walls are insulated and the material this product is made of is durable.


  • The heating system takes a long time to give you hot water.
  • The space is small when compared with others.
  • The system consumes energy.

#7 Lifesmart rock solid simplicity plug and play, 4 person hot tub spa

[amazon fields=”” value=”button”]

There are amazing features of this hot tub. It is a 4 person design, all you have to do is sit back and relax. You are also provided with a lighting system to set the mood.

This tub also has air valves which gives you a combination of setting hot water and air. The combination of water and air gives good massage.

The material it is made up of is sturdy and gives a permanent structure. The durability of this design should not be concerning.


  • This is a durable designed hot tub.
  • It is eco smart and has an energy efficient system.
  • The temperature of the water remains constant for good amount of time.
  • The water heats up quickly because of the heating system.


  • This hot tub is portable but it still needs many people to carry from one place to another.
  • Because of its quality, the tub is expensive.
  • The legroom it comes with isn’t that spacious.

#8 Intex 6 person ultimate package

Intex 6 person ultimate package

[amazon fields=”B01AWXC70U” value=”button”]

If you want the space and are looking for a low budget and good quality hot tub, you might look into this one.

Intex gives you a product with durable quality and a space for up to 6 people. There are 140 bubble jets that are installed in the system that give you the most amazing bubble massage to unwind that stress in your muscles. These jets do not have any effect on the heated water and it can retain its temperature.


  • The design of this system is durable.
  • The jets give a relaxing massage and are quite effective.
  • The water retains its temperature for a good amount of time.
  • It is roomy and can fit 6 people easily.


  • The stock is limited.
  • This product is perfect for indoor use only.

#9 MSPA lite Alpine relaxation hydrotherapy hot spa

MSPA lite Alpine relaxation hydrotherapy hot spa

[amazon fields=”B07TLKHH74″ value=”button”]

MSPA lite is a small hot tub with the capacity to fit two people. It is very mobile and easy to set up. The tub has 106 jets that gives effective massage options to the users. This is best when used by two people who are close together and are enjoying an intimate time together.


  • The hot tub is designed to be durable with strong materials.
  • This tub is perfect for small spaces because of the small design.
  • Due to high powered jets, this provides good massage therapy to its users.


  • This hot tub is difficult to assemble especially because of the poor manual it comes with.

#10 Bestway Hawaii Air jet inflatable Outdoor spa

Bestway Hawaii Air jet inflatable Outdoor spa

[amazon fields=”B00HRT863U” value=”button”]

This is one of the newest models and has the capacity to fit 4 to 6 people. Bestway hot tub system has a power saving technology and should be considered by people who are keen for this feature.

It gives a durable and sturdy finish because of the strong material it is made up of.


  • The quality of this design is quite good.
  • It has a power saving technology.
  • The material it is made up of is sturdy and durable.


  • The hot tub does not have a drain system which makes it difficult to drain water after use.
  • The heating system is a little slow.


Hot tub is a great investment especially if you get the one that works best with your needs. This task takes time, patience and a lot of research. This article does half the work for you and provides you with a list of some of the best hot tubs out there.