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What is heated tobacco and how can you improve smoking habits?

The conventional cigar is a product that has become very popular all over the world, even having people who are addicted to this type of products. In this sense, traditional cigarettes have a component called nicotine, which is responsible for producing the effects associated with this type of products, such as lowering stress or relaxing anxious people.

However, this component is also responsible for causing dependence on traditional cigarettes and the reason why people lose certain faculties in the body. The addiction to nicotine and tobacco is a very serious problem, since the health problems associated with these substances are very harmful and tend to be progressive.

It is for this reason that it is necessary to use different mechanisms to help reduce the addiction of this type of substances. The main and best known is one in which some kind of group therapy is performed where people who have the problem of addiction go on to abstinence, that is to say, not to consume nicotine again.

Not all people have the ability to eliminate tobacco consumption immediately, so it is necessary to use another mechanism. In this sense, the manufacture of so-called heated tobacco was started. These are a kind of device that works electrically and uses tobacco leaves, but giving the person a reduced amount of nicotine, much less than that provided by traditional cigars.

Heated tobacco should not be confused with electronic cigarettes, since they are intended to provide people with the same nicotine quantities as traditional cigarettes, only by changing some aspects of the smoking process. Many people who use electronic cigarettes end up suffering from the same problems as traditional smokers.

This is where the use of heated tobacco becomes important, especially with those people who want to reduce their nicotine consumption gradually and with a discount code there is not reason not to do it.

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How do these devices work?

In a nicotine cigar or in a traditional tobacco, the substance that contains the cigar burns, producing a vapor that is then consumed by the person who is smoking. This vapor is the one that contains all the chemicals that cause damage to the body, since it ends up in the lungs of people and ends up damaging these organs progressively.

The heated tobacco is different, since the tobacco leaves that have these devices do not burn, so they do not release the fumes that contain the enormous amount of harmful chemicals. Instead of burning, the leaves are only heated, releasing a kind of spray that contains very low levels of nicotine.

So, having such low levels, people do not suffer from the health problems associated with nicotine withdrawal, this being a way to get rid of addiction effectively, even if it requires a long time.

Why does heated tobacco work?

One of the most common questions on this topic is whether these devices really work as a way to eliminate the nicotine addiction of cigars. The truth is that companies specializing in the manufacture of heated tobacco have focused on conducting research to determine if there really is any health benefit.

So, from these studies it has been shown that those people who really want to eliminate nicotine addiction and use heated tobacco have had very good results. This represents one of the reasons why people make use of this device, among others the following can be highlighted:

  • To reduce the amount of traditional cigarettes consumed: Buying cigars can make a person to spend a lot of money, so you need to reduce this amount exponentially and the use of heated tobacco can help you.
  • To improve health: When a person is consuming traditional cigarettes since long time, it is very common to have really serious health problems. To improve in this aspect it is necessary to reduce the consumption of nicotine and for that there are the heated tobaccos.
  • To eliminate the consumption of traditional cigars: for making use of this type of device you do not have the need to buy cigarettes, that is to say, you only have to get the leaves of tobacco to be able to smoke, reducing expenses as well as damage to the body,

As you can see the benefits of using heated tobacco are focused on improving the habits of people who consume traditional cigarettes continuously. It is for this reason that it is recommended that these devices are only used by people who want to eliminate their addiction and not by people who want to start smoking.

Although the level of nicotine consumed with heated tobacco is lower, this does not mean that there will be no side effects to health.

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Differences with the electric cigarette

Many people often confuse these two instruments, because both have the purpose of imitating the traditional cigar. But the objective of each one is different, since heated tobacco is used to improve the consumption of nicotine by decreasing the levels of this substance, while the electric cigarette tries to be the most similar to the traditional one.

Then, with an electric cigarette you can get the same experience as with the traditional cigar, that is to say, the smoke that reaches the lungs and the amount of nicotine consumed. But on the other hand, heated tobacco is designed to reduce the consumption of nicotine, until such consumption is zero.

The electric cigarette, to function, must make use of small rechargeable capsules that are those that contain nicotine and the chemicals that make it possible for smoke to be produced when smoking, while heated tobacco needs to work with tobacco leaves, which may not be so easy to find.

These are some of the most outstanding differences of both the devices. It is very important that you consider very well the use that you will give to each one, so that you can choose wisely before spending your money. Always think about your health and try to avoid nicotine use.

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How can you get a heated tobacco?

If you decided to change your smoking habits, then you need to get a heated tobacco to begin the decontamination process of your body. First of all it is necessary to understand that this is a long process that requires effort and dedication.

Then, to get a heated tobacco you can investigate the companies that work in the production of this type of products, so that you can get the best devices, capable of imitating the process of a traditional cigar but without causing so much damage to the body.

Not all heated tobacco are quality, since many non-original products end up providing the same levels of nicotine in the body as normal tobacco, the original cigar and the electronic cigar. It is for this reason that it is very important that you buy a quality product, preferably from a recognized brand.

To meet this objective it is necessary that you seek information from people who have used the heated tobacco previously, so that you can choose the best one in the market. Remember also that you need to consult professionals in the field, such as doctors or people specialized in addictions, who can recommend the best methods or heated tobacco to improve your addiction.

Eliminating nicotine addiction can be a very difficult process, but with the help of professionals in the field and the use of heated tobacco you can recover quickly and effectively.

What is IQOS?

IQOS is not an e-cigarette even though it appears like one.

E-cigarettes vaporise a liquid which contains nicotine, to imitate conventional smoking. When a user inhales from an e-cigarette’s mouthpiece, the device powers up and then vaporises liquid nicotine, which is in an insertable cartridge.

IQOS is also a battery-powered device, but rather than vaporising liquid nicotine, it vaporises actual tobacco. Hence the reason why it is a distinct tobacco product category called “heat not burn” devices: IQOS heats but doesn’t burn tobacco.

The system contains three main components: a Marlboro-branded tobacco unit, the IQOS holder looks like an e-cigarette, and a charger. Users push the tobacco unit into the IQOS holder, press a button to activate a battery-powered heater, and then puff away on nicotine-containing vapor. According to the IQOS website, it provides “the real taste of heated tobacco” and lasts for six minutes or 14 puffs.