Top 5 Best Derma Rollers in 2019 Reviews

Going back few years, Kim Kardashian took a selfie of her using a roller filled with needles to improve her facial appearance, relying on acupuncture-size needles to enhance the production of elastin and collagen which are essential nutrients to the healthy skin. Well, now this procedure has become popular to enhance skin appearance hence we have here the best derma rollers reviews. The process behind microneedling is to create small tiny punctures in your skin. The healing process of these punctures promotes collagen production, reduces fine lines, and helps your skin absorb products. This is where Derma Roller comes in –  a small wheel that is mounted on a handle covered in microneedles.

Derma Rollers are designed in a way to be used simply, with ever growing technology and innovation, the products added to the beauty industry are endless. If you are looking for the best Derma Roller, we make it easier for you in this review.  We have reviewed the best derma rollers on the market today. We outline the ones that are easy to maintain, simple to operate, work on different skins, hygienic and are backed consumer feedback.

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B07CCZH87X BeautyBio GloPRO Check Price
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B088WFBFVF Derma Roller 0.25mm, Titanium Microneedle Roller For Face Check Price
B0995VK9VM 3in1 Derma Roller Check Price
B09V2ZZVFK Derma Roller Kit 0.30mm With 20% Vitamin C, E & Hyaluronic Acid Serum Check Price

Best Derma Roller Reviews

#1 BeautyBio GloPRO


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This award winning Beauty GloPro was created by the inventor and patent holder of micro-needling technology therefore you can expect it to be good. GloPro a patented technology designed to stiumate the skin’s natural regeneration & micro rejuvenation.  With the use of MicroTips™, your skin is gently nudged to initate rejuvenation process and restore original health from the inside out. The GloPro does it all: evens out the skin tone, reduces fine lines & wrinkles, improves uneven texture and restores radiance. Using a combination of LED red light therepy and VibroTactile stimulation it boosts skin volume from the inside out to turn back the clock. To achieve the best results, use minimum three times a week for at least one minute whilst applying moderate pressure.

  • Very gentle on your skin
  • Uses patented technology
  • Ease of use
  • Value for money
  • Expensive

#2 5-In-1 Skin Care Kit Microneedle Derma Roller


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With this kit, your skin will improve in a shorter time, this is due to the superior design that allows to sink deep into the skin. For example, whilst most kits come with 0.25mm needles, this kit comes with 3 Detachable Rollers (0.5mm, 1.0mm, 1.5mm), ONE Stamping Toool (2.0mm). To put it simply, they go deeper into your skin and this accelerates the healing process.

With 3 replaceable heads that have more needles in contrast to competitors (One contains 1200, the other has 600 and the smallest has 24 needles), this means that each roll covers a larger area and the areas that are poked are closer. Further the unit rolls nicer since it is ergonomically designed.

This 5-in-1 is an excellent pick for both beginners and experienced alike. With high-quality stainless steel needles, and the kit comes with three changeable heads in different sizes. Overall, this derma roller kit is an excellent multi functional choice. Not only does it boost collagen production but also improves your skin’s elasticity, relieves swelling, pain, discomfort and even fatigue caused by injuries.

  • Can be used on both the face and the body
  • Helps reduce pain after cosmetic procedures
  • Comes with Disinfecting Tank.
  • Can cause scarring on sensitive skin if used after laser treatment

#3 Derma Roller 0.25mm, Titanium Microneedle Roller For Face


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Featuring 540 titanium micro-needles, each measuring 0.25mm long, this roller targets the non living skin layer which is usually the most affected. It is a;so regarded as one of the dependable and safe units on the market. By simply rolling it on your skin, it eliminates dead skin cells, opens up pores and enhances circulation. Further it gets rid of any germs and bacteria. More importantly, the manufacturer claims that it is safe for any skin type and can be used on the face, chin, and cheeks, around the nose and in other places.

Consumers have reported positive effects within a short time. Further they say that it does not rust, lose its integrity or reliability over time. The smooth finish prevents build up of dirt, germs, bacteria, skin, oils and other things from hiding in it. Using this Microneedle derma roller is simplified by rolling it on your skin without exerting a lot of pressure.  It has a smooth handle for a nice hold, and the needles are made of titanium. Subsequently, this promises you good results minus the side effects such as  scratches, bleeding or marks. It is safe and painless and suitable for home use whilst delivering professional results. It leaves the skin looking softer, smoother and also radiant.


  • 0.25mm microneedles
  • Suitable for home use
  • Smooth and nice handle
  • Painless and safe for home use
  • Delivers professional results


  • Use for face only

#4 3in1 Derma Roller


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The 3 in 1 Derma Roller is suitable for home and professionals to use. Made from hygienic and premium materials to prevent any side effects. Kit comes in a 3-in-1 design. You get 1.0mm (1200 needle) helps reduce scarring, stretch marks, cellulite and sagging skin, 0.5mm (600 needles) helps reverse age spots, wrinkles and acne and the delicate 0.25mm (240 needles) treats crow’s feet & under eye bags. Each one works on most skin types and is easy on the hand due to the handle being smooth but still providing a firm grip.

It rolls smoothly all over the body fast and safe. Further it is useful on various parts of the body including the face, forehead, chin, cheeks, and the sides. Providing better coverage allowing you to complete the task faster. Helps to rejuvenate the skin on your face and body effectively.

Overall this Derma Roller is designed to be everything you need in one convenient tool, featuring 3 detachable heads for the face and body. Made with high quality materials, including premium titanium micro needles, this stylish tool can be the ideal way to enhance your beauty and reveal your glow!


  • Designed to help regenerate your skin
  • Over 1500 quality titanium micro needles
  • 3 detachable heads for different skin needs
  • Suitable for wrinkles, stretch marks, scars and dull skin
  • Aids absorption of serums and moisturisers


  • None

#5 Derma Roller Kit 0.30mm With 20% Vitamin C, E & Hyaluronic Acid Serum


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This Derma Roller Kit is one of the best on the market with its long 0.3mm needles, which makes it effective in the simulation for collagen growth. The 0.3mm needles sink deeper than the 0.25mm needles for maximum effect. With the best coverage in its type, you will only need a few rolls to cover your target area. The unit comprises of a derma roller and a serum that aims at enhancing the skin. Due to the simple design and smooth rolling design; using this roller is easy even if its your first time. A simply push is all that is required to feel the effect. The head comprises 540 titanium needles and each is 0.3mm long. Combined with  20% Vitamin E, C and Hyaluronic Acid Serum you are sure to improving the skin texture, condition as well as heath.

Proven effective for smooth, rough, oily, dry, and sensitive skin and doesn’t contribute to any side effects. Besides this, being ergonomic will ensure you don’t get tired or feel uncomfortable while using kit. You can even use it in tight spots such as on the sides of the nose or the chin.

The hyaluronic Serum with vitamin C to soothe and nourish the skin after use is a bonus. After using the device, consumers report that their skin becomes more relaxed than before.


  • 0.3mm microneedles
  • Made from Titanium
  • Hyaluronic Serum with vitamin C
  • Transparent bag for safe storage


  • None


Derma rolling is indeed an effective way of improving the appearance of your skin. To get the best results, you need to use the right product. However, with so many products, it can be a challenge.  You can achieve your goal of beautiful skin by using any of the above products.

Who Should Use Derma Rolling?

Derma Rolling is suitable for the following:

Acne Scarring

Micro needles help to get rid of dead skin, scars and open new skin pores. Over time, old scars are removed and new skin cells develops whilst clogs inside pores are reduced. Thereby a person with acne will improvement in their skin condition. Thicker and longer needles are more effective.

Large Skin Pores

Derma Rollers helps to minimize skin pore size by allowing the essential nutrients to penetrate at the same time better circulate blood and air. This process removes germs, bacteria from the pores and makes the skin elastic. The skill becomes smoother and less prone to oil build up or rashes. Short thin needles are best for this.

Rough Skin

By poking tiny holes into the skin, collage production and elastin increases. This makes the skin tight and also reduces pore sizes.

Aging Skin

Micro-needling combats aging skin, this includes sagging, wrinkles, age spots, sunspots, eye bags and fine lines. Usually these are caused by inelastic skim because of low collagen and high toxicity. A good Derma Roller improves the condition of the skin for the aforementioned and prevents aging.

Safety First

Micro-needling is not recommend for people suffering from warts, psoriasis, eczema or any skin conditions.

Derma Rolling Myths

Derma Rolling Hurts

Many think that Derma Rolling is painful. Using the correct size of the needles and only applying light pressure to prevent discomfort. Too think needle or too long needle may cause some pain.

The Effects Are Instant

Whilst you would want your skin an appearance to improve fast, the effects of derma rolling are not instant and it takes some time. This is due to collagen growth is gradual. Doing it too often will not hasten the process.

Any Derma Roller Needle Will Induce Collagen Production

According to research needles that are 0.3mm or less aren’t very useful in collagen induction. However, they do attract other benefits, such as improved circulation and pore reduction. 0.5mm micro-needles are the best for collagen production.

More Blood More Effective

Many will go for long and thick needles to see blood ooze whilst some people exert alot of force. The derma roller works without showing any blood. And in fact, puncturing the skin may lead to an open wound an even infection.

The More You Use It The Better

Some people think using derma rollers more often will give quicker better results. Fact is that the skin has its own way of working and you should stick to the recommendations of the product.