Top 5 Best Travel System in 2020 Reviews

Travel systems or what are more commonly known as strollers are a form of vehicle that needs to be pushed around, it is designed for young ones who do not know how to walk on their own and need support and carrying around. Parents tend to get tired by having the weight on their arm and shoulder every time they need to go out or do anything, hence, the travel systems. It is a secure seat in which babies can lie comfortably and not be bothered or bother anyone. Another important feature that the best travel system usually has is that it contains an internal car seat that can be attached and detached accordingly. If you have a car you just detach the seat and keep it inside your car, making for a safe and stable position for your little one to stay in while you focus on driving your car.

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Best Travel System reviews

#1 UPPAbaby VISTA Travel System


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This stroller by the brand “UPPAbaby” has received 4.4 out of 5 stars on Amazon and costs about 1200 US Dollars. This is a set, it comes with an infant car seat and can be adjusted to your needs. It has a feature that allows you to recline the back, back and forth, matching with, if your baby is asleep or awake. It also folds in one step regardless of whether or not the seat is attached to it. The product weighs about 75 pounds.

A modern touch added to this specific travel system is the light option which turns if the latch is attached and green if the latch isn’t attached. The latch is used to make sure the seat is in place and the stroller is perfectly in position and is not a safety hazard to the child.

It is a luxury brand, usually used by the slightly upper class. One of the best parts about it is that it can hold up to three kids, granted that the kids are average-sized.

Mobility of the vehicle is also excellent because of the foam-filled, rubber wheels that the pram is standing on.

The vehicle can be used on normal city land if you live in that sort of area but can also accommodate to areas that are of a rougher nature when it comes to the terrain. You can use it in gravelly areas without it being too much of a hassle. The soft and plush back seat of the stroller keeps your baby calm and prevent any sort of spine disorders.

The stroller allows one-hand controlled agility, making it one of the most user-friendly strollers on the market. The exterior of the stroller makes it look stylish and savvy, saving you from looking too frumpy. There is also a sizeable storage basket where you can store your belongings temporarily and not have to carry them around in your hand all day.

Nevertheless, there is a single complaint from parents and it is regarding the weight of the buggy, it is too heavy to carry up and downstairs. If the baby is present inside the stroller the difficulty level doubles causing you to strain your arms.

#2 Graco Modes Element DLX Travel


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This product is by the brand “Graco”. The set includes the car seat, making the feature of utilizing it inside a car, very much available to you. The stroller weighs about 30 pounds making it substantially more lightweight than the previous stroller.

The rubber tires are filled with air which allows the stroller to switch directions a lot simply and makes it possible to use the stroller on rougher terrains such as gravelly roads or parks with grass. The front tire, also called the swivel tire has a lock which, when locked, allows you to move the stroller in one direction with quite ease and when unlocked, you can manoeuvre the swivel tire to turn in harmony, inhibiting the 3 minute war you might have to fight with some strollers to be able to move in the direction you want.

The reclining situation has also advanced with there being more than two positions available for you to stabilize your child in. Just like the one mentioned before, this too has a nice storage compartment allowing you to keep your things somewhere.

There are also two trays present for coffee placement, or any other drink placement. The overhead canopy keeps your child’s face covered, blocking any harmful sunrays and causing your baby to get horribly sunburnt. It also diverts any object that may be falling from above to enter your baby’s eyes.

There is a feature made available where when you lock the stroller up and it is standing it will remain upright and not fall over.

Some people have managed to find one or two flaws in the structure, the first one being that it is not suitable for jogging at a higher pace. Another shortcoming that was taken into consideration is the size of the canopy, which according to some, could have been a lot bigger.

#3 Evenflo Pivot Modular Travel System


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This one is of the best strollers in the market that come at a low price. It weighs about 31 pounds making it an average weight and more likable.

The company itself advertises as a “jogstroller” which makes it evident that they’re trying to promote the accessibility of the stroller and its synchronization with your daily run.

The stroller is perfect for a casual everyday walk down the sidewalk and with the air-filled tires, the stroller is also excellent for coarse and irregular terrains. With the assistance of this stroller, it doesn’t matter where you walk, you take care of yourself and the stroller will take care of the kid.

This stroller also has a self-standing factor that makes it stable for when it’s not in use and confines itself into a small shape when it needs to be folded, making it extremely durable and the perfect stroller for people on the run.

The stroller makes use of a material called “even flow” that makes sure that the baby is in the best possible sense of coziness. The material has been used for a hundred years ensuring maximum security for the child. The adjustable handle allows versatility in grip and moving. The soft material of the stroller and the specific material used makes it easy to wash, which can be really necessary, especially with a baby involved.

Tiny features can sometimes matter a lot to a client, the fact that the buckles of the stroller have covering to protect them has proved to be very advantageous, people living in hotter regions value this a lot because it protects the buckles from getting too hot which could, eventually end up hurting the baby.

The few cons include that the unfolding process can be quite cumbersome, inconsistency has also been an issue with a few customers complaining about their front wheel.

#4 Britax B-Ready G3 Stroller


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This is by the company “BRITAX”. It comes at a very medium price range. It is a 50-pound stroller, which isn’t too heavy or too light, although some prefer their strollers to be quite light. The price range lies at the same level as the weight, medium.

The company is very proud of this model’s safety measures, with the steel frame and the impact-absorbing base, the stroller practically screams safety. Even the canopy is UV 50.

There is a storage basket at the bottom to store the baby’s requirements and the parent’s things.

The stroller comes with an infant car seat that has its own latch, while you drive, your mind can be on the road and not on the off chance that your baby’s seat might be swerving in the back. The car seat also easily snaps back into the frame, that is, the stroller.

The actual portable part of the stroller is also very useful for feeling in control, with there being a three-wheel mechanism and the front wheel giving the freedom to be effortlessly manipulated.

The folded portion of the stroller gets really compact and small and can easily be fit into car trunks and the upright facet makes sure that it stays up when kept in a room or in the doorway.

The reclining seat comes with a position that goes nearly flat making it very cozy for babies to sleep in and for the mothers to feel content.
One disadvantage of the machine is that there is a non-adjustable handlebar, which can be a little bit of an inconvenience but not too drastic.

#5 Chicco Bravo Trio Travel System


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By the company “Chicco”, this travel system is a well known brand and weighs upto 46 pounds. The package contains the basics; the infant seat, and the stroller frame.

The cover is made of woven jacquard making it strong and sturdy. There is a cup holder tray made available for the parents, it allows for a one-hand fold and a stable standing position which permits you to store it in any nook of your house.

Moving on, the stroller offers the standard traits that a travel system usually offers; a removable car seat, a large enough canopy to protect your baby from the sun’s harmful rays, and adjustable handlebars (which some strollers provide, others don’t, but are a staple).

The wheels are foam filled and inclined to be used on the city streets, the wheel suspensions absorb shocks and protect your baby from being jerked too hard and god forbid, breaking something.

The seat reclines with the simple push of one button which, obviously, acts as a huge suitability for the parent. It reclines farther enough for the chair to be comfortable for a sleeping baby.

The cons can include multiple things, like how the foam-filled wheels make the stroller a poor instrument for the road with a lot more dirt or gravel, very unlike the city. This product has also faced inconsistencies with the sun canopy, which can be quite resistant to adjusting in some pieces, the customers have had complaints which need to be addressed.


Living in the city can be quite irritating, without a car and having to also carry a baby around, who no matter how cute, can weigh a lot and become a burden on your arm after a little while. Go for a nice, stable travel system to help you with your daily errands that may consist of walking. Use this article to know, exactly, what you should look for when buying a travel system, it will help you to not be taken for a ride.