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What is WeSwap?

Weswap is an online platform with an app and a linked physical Mastercard. It is the best travel money card that allows travellers to spend money anywhere in the world, swapping Sterling for Euros, Dollars and 15 other currencies. It works by giving better conversion rates by swapping your money with other travellers. 

Weswap has a unique USP of swapping your money with other travellers. Weswap moves money onto your card when another member requests to swap the same currency back into sterling. This way the fees are low because weswap is not buying/selling on the FX markets. However it can take up to seven days to get your money. Alternatively, you can have it instantly with a higher fee. 

How does WeSwap work?

You sign up on the WeSwap website here.  You will then need to download the WeSwap app and wait for a WeSwap Mastercard to arrive via post. This takes 3-5 days. 

1. Load. You load up your Weswap card securely with £s using your debit card or bank transfer. 
2. Swap. You then select which currency you need. WeSwap in the background takes care of swapping the money with other travellers.
3. Spend Once your swap has completed, your card will have some new currency loaded on it ready to use.

How much can I transfer with WeSwap?

For security there are set limits on how much you can load onto your WeSwap card and how much you can carry on your card at once.

Minimum you can load: £50 or equivalent in other currencies.

Maximum single load: £3,000 or equivalent in other currencies.

Maximum you can load in one year: £12,000 or equivalent in other currencies. This means that you cannot load more than £12,000 during any given year.

Maximum you can carry at one time: £6,000 across all currencies. This means that you cannot have more than £6,000 on your WeSwap card at any time.

How soon can I get my money?

WeSwap is a great option for those who plan their trip in advance. Not so convenient for those who need some travel money quickly.

Once you have created your swap the transaction will be processed at the Mastercard interbank rate less a fee of:

1% –  seven days to complete your swap
1.3% – three days to complete your swap
2% –  immediate swap

Occasionally, a swap may be completed faster than the time stated dependant on number of swaps currently moving in each direction. If you select the seven or three day option, you can track the progress on your app to see how much of the order has been fulfilled. Further you can complete the swap immediately by switching to the 2% option.

When you make a purchase using your Weswap card abroad, the transaction is debited from your balance in that currency. There is no transaction fee as long as you have the balance. In the event that you do not have enough money in the currency needed however you do have balance in your local currency, the transaction is authorised and you will be charged a 2% fee for immediate conversion. 

Can I make ATM withdrawals abroad with WeSwap?

You can make two withdrawals per 24 hour period for a total of no more than £500. ATM withdrawals are free above the equivalent of £200. There is charge of approx £1.50 for smaller withdrawal amounts. 

Is there any discount for weswap best travel money card?

Using our referral link above you can receive £10 weswap travel credit for signing up, you will receive £5 immediately for joining and £5 once you have loaded £50.