Top 5 Best Portable Mini IP Camera in 2020 Reviews

Modern life has become prone to security breaches, home break-in, office burglary and more. Therefore surveillance has become  an integral part of present day to day life. You’ll discover cameras introduced in numerous places. They are used for monitoring traffic, security purposes and significantly more. Homes are not left behind, and mini IP cameras are a viable option. As the name suggests, these are very easy to carry around, compatible with most computers and Operating Systems, and portable so can be fitted indoors as well as outdoors. They are better thanks to superior technology, have fantastic coverage, are easier to install; you can remotely control them and view the ongoing in real-time and are quite affordable. Many types are readily available on the market and you may find it difficult to narrow to the best one. Nevertheless, the following devices standouts as the top 5 best portable mini IP camera in 2019.

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eGeek 1080 IP Camera
Hive View Mini IP Camera

Best Portable Mini IP Camera reviews

#1 YI Home Camera, Security Camera Wireless IP Surveillance Camera

YI Home Camera, Security Camera Wireless IP Surveillance Camera

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This IP surveillance camera will give you peace of mind while away from home and comes in a pack of 2. The white set looks good in different settings including the living room, office, bedroom, balcony and children’s room.

Furthermore, it has a 1280 x 720p high-definition resolution and together with the full colour provides the best picture quality. Without any strain to your eyes observing the footage or having to install more than one camera since it has a nice 110-degree wide angle lens. It produces crisp, bright images, even at night thanks to the advanced IR Night Vision. The Two-Way audio enables you to communicate with a person on the other end while the decent 32GB Micro SD storage allows you to conveniently save the recordings. You can remotely control the unit and get instant alerts via your mobile or tablet device.

#2 Samsung Samsung SmartCam IP Camera

Samsung SmartCam IP Camera

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The Samsung SmartCam HD is not only a popular surveillance camera but also among the portable types. In fact, you may have seen it in many homes, offices and other places. The mini camera has a high-resolution thanks to the 1080P, and this provides crystal-clear images.

With unique automatic object tracking, the SmartCam will automatically follow anyone or anything that passes by the camera ensuring that you don’t miss anything. You can even set up Real-time event notification to alert you on your smartphone or tablet devices so you can take action quickly in the event of an intruder in your absence.

You can view a live video feed of what’s happening at home on your smartphone or tablet. If someone approaches in the view of the camera you will be notified before the bell rings. The camera can even be used as a baby monitor when you’re in another room, or to keep an eye on your pets. With 2 way communication you can warn off intruders, let your baby hear your voice or warn your naughty pet using the built-in speaker. This product even comes with a 2 years warranty!

#3 Victure 1080P FHD WiFi IP Camera

Victure 1080P FHD WiFi IP Camera

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This smart camera will keep your home or office under 24-hour surveillance. It’ very small and will easily fit in tight places without being too obvious. The unit relays the images in high resolution for the best clarity and features night vision with a 30 feet viewing distance. It also supports two-way communication for speaking to your baby or another person within the environment. It has 100-degree wide-angle lens with 355 degree horizontal & 100 degree vertically rotation range to achieve 360 degree panoramic viewing. With unique encryption technology you can save videos on micro SD card. Nobody can copy the SD card’s video file through the card reader even when your camera or SD card is stolen. Video files are only accessible to yourself in your account.

#4 eGeek 1080 IP Camera

You don’t need to live in constant fear of your home or office being broken into and your valuables getting lost. With the eGeek 1080 IP Camera, you get real-time surveillance and update of what is happening. Furthermore, you also enjoy clear blur-free images thanks to the Full 1920 x 1080P high-definition.

This HD IP camera provides a clear night vision through infrared red light! In addition, the 13 infrared LEDs help you clearly see your baby’s cute face while sleeping at night.

And in case you need to communicate with a person from the other end, all you need is talking into the unit. It has a Two-Way Audio that consists of a superior and effective microphone.

#5 Hive View Smart Indoor Mini IP Camera

Hive’s range of smart home products has been growing steadily in the past few years. It started with a smart thermostat to rival Nest and Tado and subsequently added smart plugs and smart light bulbs. The latest addition is the Hive View – a stylish smart home security camera with a twist.

It’s a lightweight cube-like camera that can disconnect from its vertical stand and be placed in all sorts of areas in your home. This handy feature means you can use the camera for up to an hour away from the wall socket the being to use it to watch over your kids, or pets temporarily.  Otherwise, it’s a standard smart IP camera. It records at up 1080p, has a night vision mode and can alert you on your phone when it detects people and motion in your home.


With crime and insecurity rising in the recent times, it is a good time to start taking preventive measures. I mean, you don’t want to be left behind when it comes to security. You don’t want to be told that an outsider has broken into your home/office, has access to your valuables and your privacy has been infringed. Whilst the standard CCTV and surveillance cameras work perfectly, unfortunately, they tend to be significant and heavy. Installing them also requires an expert. However, with the right mini IP camera, you will enjoy the best surveillance without exposing it. A good type produces high-quality images, is portable and is easy to install. With smart features, advanced technologies for the perfect images, and is compatible with other related devices. Using this review as your buyer’s guide will help you own the best mini IP cameras in the market.