Top 5 Best Baby Monitor in 2020 Reviews

Parenting a baby, especially for the first time, is not a simple task. Attention and time are turned towards the new member of the house and this makes it difficult to perform other tasks within the home. Thereby comes in this review to find you the best baby monitor.

However, today there are multiple mechanisms to care for your baby while doing other tasks in the kitchen or anywhere else in the house. With a best baby monitor inside your room you can be aware of everything that happens and make better use of your time. It is time for you to be calm knowing that your baby is in perfect condition.

Previously, these products were not very effective. The parents were attentive, but they could not feel totally at ease for the welfare of their firstborn. However, with the characteristics of the most modern pieces, this has changed completely. Now, through a small screen you can see the status of your baby, and even communicate with him with the same tool.

If you want to know the best baby monitors available, then continue reading the following list:

Featured Product

[amazon fields=”B07MGKBCWC” value=”thumb”]Lollipop HD WiFi Video Baby Monitor[amazon fields=”B07MGKBCWC” value=”button”]

Quick List

[amazon fields=”B00ECHYTBI” value=”thumb”]Infant Optics DXR-8 Video Baby Monitor[amazon fields=”B00ECHYTBI” value=”button”]
[amazon fields=”B07DDPGBFS” value=”thumb”]

BT Video Baby Monitor

[amazon fields=”B07DDPGBFS” value=”button”]
[amazon fields=”B075WWQH79″ value=”thumb”]Babysense Video Baby Monitor V35US[amazon fields=”B075WWQH79″ value=”button”]
[amazon fields=”B07BRKFS24″ value=”thumb”]Cocoon Cam Plus[amazon fields=”B07BRKFS24″ value=”button”]
[amazon fields=”B07FKDPDZV” value=”thumb”]Hellobaby video Baby Monitor HB32[amazon fields=”B07FKDPDZV” value=”button”]

Best baby monitor reviews

#Featured Product: Lollipop HD WiFi Video Baby Monitor

Lollipop HD WiFi Video Baby Monitor

[amazon fields=”B07MGKBCWC” value=”button”]

The Lollipop Smart Baby Camera is an attractive looking video and audio baby monitor. Built well and comes with an abundance of useful features like cry detection, high quality 720p video and night mode. With an easy to set up & use mobile app and most importantly it is subscription free. If you buy the accompanied Lollipop Sensor, the app will also track temperature, humidity, and air quality data from your baby’s room. The quality of the video is exceptional even in a dark room. With the option of using your local wi-fi network your connection is secure and private.

The unique design of this baby monitor sets it apart from the others on the market.  It features a bendable leg that you can use as a stand or to safely and securely attach the monitor to cot/furniture in your baby’s bedroom. It’s made of toxic-free silicone and you can choose from beautiful pastel colours that don’t look like security cameras! Additionally, you can wall mount the camera with the included accessory kit.

At the push of a button you can talk to your baby through the two-way audio monitor. There are also several music options including white noise and sounds from the womb.


  • Mount in three different ways – to the crib, on the wall, or on a tabletop
  • Extremely portable
  • WiFi-based with app
  • Has “True Crying Detection” – Recognizes real crying with AI recognizability with 96% accuracy, so no false alarms
  • Includes a unique audio mode on the app to only use for sound
  • Has video mode live and play with or without the sound
  • You can upload music to play through the speakers and play remotely
  • Take 30-second videos of the baby when they reach a certain decibel so you can watch and decide if you want to go in or let the baby work out the problem
  • 720p camera
  • Free video/cloud storage
  • Monitor from multiple devices and monitor multiple Lollipop devices too – great for twins
  • No subscription necessary
  • Easy to install – equipped with mounting hardware
  • Control and view multiple monitors at the same time
  • Has an alarm system to help you sleep better
  • Attractive and comes in three colours – green, aqua, and pink. Beautifully fits in any nursery/baby room.
  • Toxic-free silicone
  • Keeps data history stats so you can see how your baby is growing
  • Best night vision picture quality
  • Unlimited shared users so even grandma and auntie can watch your baby sleep


  • Price – some may find the price high, but did you see all of the features?
  • Drains phone battery. Therefore, ensure your phone is always charged. Ideally, make sure your smart phone is plugged into a charger when use as a monitor.

To conclude the Lollipop Smart Baby Monitor is one of the best Wi-Fi video baby monitor available hence our featured product. Being extremely portable, no subscriptions and free cloud storage you cannot go wrong with this product.

Full Review of Lollipop Baby Camera

#1 Infant Optics DXR-8 Video Baby Monitor

Infant Optics DXR-8 Video Baby Monitor

[amazon fields=”B00ECHYTBI” value=”button”]

If there is a product among the available baby monitors that should stand out, it must surely be this. With a fairly affordable price compared to other equipment this is the perfect quality at a comfortable price. The brand specialised in baby monitor offers its audience one of its most complete creations. Therefore this is advised as on of the best baby monitors.

This monitor offers certain features that allow parents to be attentive to their children at all times, thanks to the fact that it allows you to create an entire security system by expanding the number of cameras up to four, thanks to the scanning mode. This is complemented with its system of interchangeable lenses, suitable to monitor your baby during all its stages.


  • Easy to install, so you will not have to spend much time thinking about how to perform this action.
  • Can be placed anywhere in the child’s room, in addition to having an alarm function.
  • Has an LED light to monitor your baby in the dark or when the screen is off
  • Has a bidirectional conversation function, so that the adult can also send messages to the baby


  • You cannot take pictures or record videos with this monitor
  • Cannot use the internet, so the monitor cannot be accessed by smartphones
  • Does not have an AV output, with which you can connect the monitor to devices such as TVs

Overall you can notice that this product is of quality and offers very good features at a very good price.

#2 BT Video Monitor

BT Video Monitor

[amazon fields=”B07DDPGBFS” value=”button”]

If what you want is to have real quality at your fingertips, then this is one of the best options you have available. It is a device capable of detecting the actions of your baby and creates a perfect image in real time, completely wearable-free.

The product has a quite high cost in comparison to the rest of the products of the list, however, users highlight that it is a product of excellent quality that really is worth the money invested. If you have a large budget and you are concerned about the good quality of the images, then do not doubt that this is the most suitable product for you.


  • Ease of installation
  • Has a sound detector, with several microphones that will allow you to listen to your baby very clearly
  • Allows you to track your baby’s breathing, essential for babies with respiratory problems
  • It also has a motion detector
  • HD video quality


  • High cost of the product
  • It needs to be connected to work
  • Does not have a zoom feature on the camera

#3 Babysense Video Baby Monitor V35US

Babysense Video Baby Monitor V35US

[amazon fields=”B075WWQH79″ value=”button”]

It is one of the best products designed in the section of baby monitors. Hand in hand with the best Babysense specialists, this tool is perfect so you can see, talk and listen to your baby at all times, without any problems with connections.

One of the most common problems many parents face when buying a baby monitor is the displacement of the image. Usually the videos are not reproduced continuously, and this creates problems for proper monitoring. However, this is totally different with this product.

The images captured by the camera are transmitted through a comfortable screen of 3.5 inches that will allow you to see the state of your baby, listen to it and make sounds that help to reassure him. Without a doubt, your rest will be much more pleasant if you can listen to some of your words.


  • Features a large screen to observe everything your baby does
  • Microphones that allow you to listen and talk with your baby
  • Night vision and infrared light
  • Alerts when the child is out of range


  • Requires more space to install it
  • It requires more time for installation
  • Can be a bit fragile, so keep it out of baby’s reach.

#4 Cocoon Cam Plus

Cocoon Cam Plus

[amazon fields=”B07BRKFS24″ value=”button”]

At a reasonable price, it is possible to get a high quality product that deserves to have a place inside your baby’s room. Under the validation of top pediatricians, this product monitors your baby’s breathing while they sleep, so you will not have to worry about doing that.

Another of the most outstanding features of this product is a heatmap showing exactly where the cam is detecting the baby’s movement, so you can know its location at all times (ideal for babies who can already move on their own).

The high resolution of the camera allows you to obtain HD videos with zoom capability, which is completely with your night vision system in the same way, built-in speaker and microphone allow communication between both, so you can listen and talk to your baby whenever you want.


  • You can observe your baby’s behavior while sleeping or awake, receiving alarms if a problem is detected.
  • Indicates if the baby wakes up, is crying and even if he is already asleep
  • Does not require cables to work
  • You can receive notifications to your phone, directly with our application.
  • You can talk with your baby from your phone
  • It offers a high definition video.


  • The alarm system can be a bit confusing to understand at the beginning
  • The installation process can be confusing.
  • Users report needing several attempts to connect the device

#5 Hellobaby video Baby Monitor HB32

Hellobaby video Baby Monitor HB32

[amazon fields=”B07FKDPDZV” value=”button”]

At a low cost, this product has all the right features to close this top 5. It is a device of long range (up to 960 feet) that will allow you to leave home and continue to monitor your baby (if it is necessary). It has the basic characteristics that predominate in this last equipment, such as digital zoom and room temperature monitoring, however, this product has a much more comfortable price than most of the available options.

As a good product of the Hellobaby brand, the reviews that this product has received are very good. The improvements present in this baby monitor compared to previous versions are excellent, considering that the sharpness and quality of the systems of auto infrared night vision is present.


  • Has a one year warranty
  • You can access videos from long distances
  • The camera has freedom of movement
  • You can talk to your baby through the microphone
  • Has temperature control


  • The camera needs to be connected to operate
  • No protection against bumps or dust
  • It can be fragile